Jeff Yastine’s Career As A Journalist

Jeff Yastine is a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in telecommunications. He has worked in the field of journalism ever since graduating in 1986. From December 1993 to November 2010 he was a senior correspondent for Nightly Business Report on the public channel PBS. He reported on economic trends, business, and financial news. He would look at these stories through the eyes of people being affected by the news when reporting on it.

In 2007, Jeff Yastine produced a series called “State of Repair” for Nightly Business Report. he talked about how decades of neglect has led to public-works infrastructure in the United States that is now falling apart. Just a few weeks after his report an interstate bridge collapsed into a river in Minneapolis which made international headlines. His series was nominated for an Emmy Award. Other big stories he covered included the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the impact of BP’s oil spill on businesses and people in the Gulf States.

Jeff Yastine moved to Baltimore in April 2011 and became the editorial director of an investment education publishing company. As of August 2015 he became the editorial director at a similar publisher named Banyan Hill Publishing. This company puts out publications that helps average investors make better decisions when investing their money. They also focus on overlooked opportunities to invest in small and mid-sized companies that their research shows as being undervalued when it comes to their stock prices.

Total Wealth Insider is Jeff Yastine’s own financial publication. He says he wants to help people achieve a better life through investing. He researches companies in order to find ones that are presently under-the-radar but are poised for huge success. He shares these opportunities with his readers through his publication. Visit Jeff Yastine at medium .com to know more.

It’s Jeff Yastine’s opinion that the next technology sector to achieve huge growth is cybersecurity. He says that his research shows that venture capitalists had poured $7.6 billion into this area of technology in 2017, double the investments they had made in 2016. With all of the digital breaches and security flaws on the internet he expects this industry will become more important and profitable than ever.

One ETF he sees poised for great success going forward ETFMG Prime Cyber Security and it trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HACK. He says that it’s already up 12% and he expects even better things happening with it in 2018.

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