Jojo Hedaya Fights The Frustrations Of A Full Inbox


Almost everyone seems to be using email today. No matter what kind of service you may use, it’s usually just one click away on your smartphone. Unfortunately, inboxes tend to get filled up with unwanted messages that make it hard to find the emails that you need to actually read. This is exactly why Jojo Hedaya founded the company, together with his business partner Josh Rosenwald, to help people clear out their inboxes of unwanted messages and spam.


Jojo Hedaya noticed that when he emailed his friend Josh Rosenwald he never seemed to answer him. This was because he just couldn’t find them in the piles of messages that ended up in his email. In essence, they created a solution to the problem by developing an organizational tool for emails. Instead of getting rid of the emails advertising great deals for shopping and whatever else, it simply organizes them so they don’t fill up your main inbox. This allows users to be able to access what’s actually important and save the bargains for when they aren’t busy with school or work. Refer to This Article for additional information.


While most email services offer spam filters, Jojo Hedaya insists that it was just never enough and he created with his friend out of personal frustration. Sometimes, if you want something you have to create it yourself and this is exactly what they did. In just a few seconds, can scan your entire inbox and put all of your subscriptions in a just one email called “The Rollup”. From there you can quickly scan your subscriptions and unsubscribe from anything that you don’t want in just a single click. You can even set a time through the service for when you want it to compile “The Rollup”.


While Jojo Hedaya and co-founder Josh Rosenwald happened to grow up around New York, they didn’t actually meet until they both went to Israel to study abroad. currently has millions of subscribers in just the 5 years since it was released. He attended the City University of New York from 2010 and 2012 where he studied business and philosophy.


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