Jorge Moll: Researching about the Human Brain

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neurologist who specializes in studies related to the brain’s activity. He is most well-known for an experiment conducted in 2006 which discovered new information about the human mind. The study conducted in 2006 involved 25 test subjects who were asked to think two different scenarios – one would require them to think about themselves being selfish, while the other scenario would require them to think about themselves being generous. Through the years, Jorge Moll has been wondering about the correlation between an individual’s morality and cerebral activity, and he thought that scanning the brains of test subjects would bear the answer that he has been longing for years.


Devices that could read the brain were attached to the heads of the test subjects, and they were asked to stay in a room where they could concentrate. When the test subjects started thinking about being generous and charitable, Jorge Moll noticed that the brain registered strong movements. The next thing that he asked the test subjects to do is to think about being selfish. This time, he noticed that the brain registered no movements. He managed to record the activity and showed it to his colleagues, and they discussed any possible explanation why the brain behaves that way. Through the experiment that Jorge Moll conducted more than a decade ago, he managed to unlock so many secrets that neurologist in the past could not explain.


One of the things that he discovered was a small chamber inside the brain that is responsible for sending hormones throughout the body every time an individual is thinking about being generous. These hormones are known to cause the warm fuzzy feeling and pleasure that seems to feel similar to eating delicious food or having sex. The scientific community praised Jorge Moll’s scientific research. They stated that the research should be preserved for the generations to come, and the scientists of the future would benefit from his findings. Jorge Moll’s ground-breaking research about the brain is considered as one of the most important discoveries of the 21st century by the scientific community.


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