Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Receives Cogeae’s Plaque

Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva serves as a professor of Criminal Law at the Perdiza Campus. On April 1, 2018, he received an honor by the PUC Sao-Paulo. President of Perdiza, Dirceu de Mello gave a speedy praise for da Silva at the opening ceremony. de Mello stated that da Silva is always ready to help and for being a major help with constructing the new auditoriums for the campus.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in 1958 in the city of Itapetininga. He was 15 years old when he decided to pursue a career in Law. He began to study at PUC in 1977 and graduated in 1981. He then went on to pursue a master’s and then a doctorate as well as a teaching and specialization degree at the Pontifical Catholic University. He became a professor at PUC by 1982 and earned tenure in 2003. He joined state judiciary in 1983 working in the Sao Paulo, Diadema, and Monte Alto counties. He was promoted to Court Appeals judge in 2007. da Silva has not stopped there.


da Silva is also the author of 13 articles and 40 books. His most well-known one is “Luso-Brazilian Treatment on Human Dignity”. He co-edited the above article with European Constitutional Law Professor, Jorge Miranda. The article earned entries by both Brazilian and European jurists.


da Silva stated that the ultimate “secret” behind his passionate accomplishments is the support of his family, friends, colleagues, and God. He also said that another “secret” of his was embracing change as he believes that change is what keeps human dignity real.


Special thanks were also given to the Executive Vice President of the Bradesco, Laerico Albino Cezar and the late professor, Heminio Porto. The ceremony ended with da Silva receiving a plaque from the Cogeae, PUC’s Office of Extension courses in honor of his staunch dedication to the office’s mission.


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