Julia Jackson: Mistress of her Trade

Julia Jackson is a daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke and has lived around wine all her life. Born in 1988, the formidable Miss Jackson admires her mother greatly. She attributes her work ethic and knowledge of wines to her father’s brilliance and her mother’s genius. Julia has fond memories of picking and sorting grapes with her father at a tender age. Her passion for wines is inborn.

Strength of a Woman

Julia Jackson’s admiration for her mother led her to start Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in 2014. She has great honor for women of power. Julia speaks passionately about women who have overcome life hurdles with grace and are better for it. The program gives $100,000 annually to organizations which embody their pillars of equality, community, and spirit. Julia says lack of proper role models for little girls and young women is the reason for this program. Her goal is to celebrate women who are successful without having had to change who they are.

Grape Business

The company’s Verite, whose name is derived from the French word for truth, the brand comes in three variants; La Joie (a Cabernet dominant Bordeaux blend), La Muse (which is Merlot dominant) and Le Désir (which is Cabernet Franc dominant). Robert Parker, a wine critic, has given this brand a perfect score all of nine times. Verite La Joie was showcased among Napa’s most expensive and famous Cabernets. The attendees being a blend of 50 of London’s sommeliers, wine buyers, and press, the Verite La Joie was a favorite along with the Screaming Eagle. It did not hurt judgment with the Verite being ten times cheaper than the Screaming Eagle. Julia is of the opinion that Sonoma is the best place for Cabernets particularly with the growing interest in the place for top shelf Cabernet.

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Jackson Wines was started by Jess Jackson way before Julia was born to produce superior wine without veering from social responsibility. The company provides a variety of highly acclaimed brands with Cambria Estate’s Pinot Noir winning Wine of the year prize by Wine Enthusiast in 2016. Julia Jackson has a degree from Scripps College and a certificate in Business Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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