Kim Dao Day #5 Blogmas

Kim Dao told us that she plans to have a fan mail opening in this video blog. She took us to her office, but Kim Dao is still vague about what she does for a living. It probably has something to do with conflict of interest. She showed us her lunch that was green curry soup and chicken. After work, Kim Dao told us she would meet with a friend at a restaurant that serves Sushi. Kim Dao ordered corn sushi and an egg, mayo, and rice that looked a large deviled egg or hard boiled egg at Kappa Sushi restaurant. She had some powdered green tea that you add water and stir. Kappa Sushi lets you cook your own food on a grill. It looked like Kim Dao grilled up some potato and green pepper. She also had some French fries. For dessert, Dao had some cake and vanilla icecream.


Many of Kim Dao’ s fans sent her some gifts. One gift company sent her a monogrammed black alligator clutch bag. Anna sent Dao some fruit tea. It sounded like she got a Pikacu bomb that zippered at the head. She claimed the zipper broke and found it hard to replace. Another fan sent Dao a package of powdered coffee. There was one fan who sent her a cushion BB.


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