Kim Dao Talks about Moving to a New Apartment in Tokyo

In a recent video, Australian YouTuber Kim Dao talked about her experience locating a new apartment in Japan. According to the well-known blogger, she was paying a hefty sum in rent for an apartment that she didn’t even get to enjoy very much due to her frequent travels on behalf of a Japanese travel website. Thanks to a friend, she was able to rent a much more affordable apartment that was a better value for her.


Kim Dao added that she needs to be able to drive for her travels, since many of the trips she is sponsored on are to hard-to-reach places in rural Japan where there isn’t very good train service. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to apply for a Japanese driver’s license, so instead Kim Dao sent away for her international driver’s license so she would be able to rent a car.


Kim Dao said her boyfriend would be visiting her soon, so she’s planning on timing his visit at the same time as her move so that she doesn’t have to hire a moving company, which would be an added expense. They plan on simply renting a car to move her things from one apartment to another.


Unfortunately, all of Kim Dao’s traveling has made it difficult for her to post new videos. She has a large backlog of postings to be edited, but she promised that once she gets through her work with the travel website, she’ll make more videos and pay more attention to her channels.

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