Kyle Bass: Controversial Choices

How can it be humanitarian to deceive the sick into thinking they are being helped, then go behind their backs and injure practitioners offering them actual aid? Such actions have nothing humanitarian about them, and Kyle Bass seems to be the one injuring practitioners.

For those who are not familiar with gambler Kyle Bass, the man is a hedge fund manager in Texas who comes from Argentina. Bass’ hedge fund isn’t doing very well as of late, and many are surprised because he hit the scene so astonishingly in 2008. Bass predicted an economic implosion across America and countries with deep financial ties to her.  He wasn’t alone in his predictions, but he had a public platform and people came to know and trust him directly.

Perhaps it is because Bass’ hedge fund doesn’t perform as well as it should that he’s branched out into CAD, or the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD’s mission is to devalue the cost of big-ticket pharmaceutical companies’ drugs so the infirm who need them can more reasonably afford them. The thing is, when one of Bass CAD-led campaigns actually ends up cutting the cost of a drug to around ten percent of its former retail, then the pharmaceutical organization producing that drug suddenly lose 90% of the profit that would have come from it. As a result, in order to survive such organizations must curtail aspects of their operations. Things like Research and Development are thrown out the window, as they don’t yield predictable returns. In the end, the sick are restricted from further developments that could save lives.

Not only is Bass depriving the sick of medical advance, he’s short-selling his stock in the pharmaceutical companies whose value he has diminished via CAD. Bass makes millions, business is halted, and life-saving developments are suspended.

But wait, there’s more! Bass is also involved with high profile socialist president/despot of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Bass continually sings her good praises even though the woman is responsible for defaulting the country twice in the last thirteen years. Yet Kyle Bass says nothing but good things about her whenever he discusses the woman. How can a man who is well-known for predicting faulty economic practices so blatantly ignore the financially idiotic choices of a despotic president? How indeed, if he’s not involved with de Kirchner in a way not properly represented by mainstream financial media? This seems to be one of the most relevant and disturbing implications following Kyle Bass.

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  1. It’s like Bass gave a bunch of sick people a cookie then hamstrung their doctors, as the opening analogy indicates. And it gets worse. Bass predicted this implosion based on the sub-prime lending practices of the time. It means that the assignment writer could not follow the doctor’s instruction and have paid dearly for it.

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