Livio Bistero, The Man At The Helm Of Green Park Brands

Among the many positive things that happened in 2015 was the unveiling of the Green Park Holdings company. What has made this company unique and truly special is the fact that it has brought much-needed innovation to the health and nutrition sector that was previously critically ailing from repetitiveness and mimicking. Additionally, the products made by the company have the added health dimension of influencing both social and behavioral change in the lives of their consumers. This strategy is unlike many other competitors in the industry that largely focus on providing foods and drinks that are labelled healthy.

The man behind Green Park Holdings is Livio Bisterzo. The Italian entrepreneur thrust himself into the brutality of the business by moving to London at the tender age of 18. After completing his studies at the famed University of Arts in London, he went on to launch his first business (an events management business) only a short five years after first moving to London. He would build on this early entrepreneurial experience to launch a raft of other businesses in the years since. Some of the businesses he has launched or invested in down the line include Little Miracles, Pollen St., Kyoku for men, and Maddox Club. His work at Little Miracles, a beverage brand based in Denmark, has particularly received acclaim given that by 2013, two years after Livio Bisterzo had taken it over, it had grown to be distributed in close to 20 European countries and was ranked among the fastest growing SMEs in the continent.

Despite his significant success, Livio Bisterzo remains a humble family man. He has been blessed with a beautiful wife and three beautiful children who enjoy spending time with when he is free.

Having recently moved to Los Angeles in 2016, we should be expecting some major things from the man who took in London at only 18.

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