Louis Chenevert on how he helped changed the face of the aerospace industry

Louis Chenevert knows firsthand that taking risks can really pay off. He did just this at United Technologies Corporation where he held many high level positions such as President, Chief Operating Officer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. His resume continues to other impressive positions at Pratt & Whitney and General Motors. Louis taps into certain skills and innate talents that has allowed him to achieve a lot in his lifetime. His most successful position to date was at United Technologies Corporation where he brought the company to unbelievable heights.

As a firm believer in technology Louis get excited about how the ever changing market is influenced by it and how it keeps growing. By insisting on investing in the most advanced technology when he worked at United Technologies Corporation this technology completely launched the company to new levels of success. One of the biggest legacies Louis Chenevert left at UTC was in the acquisition of Goodrich aerospace. It changed UTC completely through and through. Another game changing product that came from the brilliance of Mr. Chenevert was the development of the GTF engine. It needs 30 percent less parts in its entire lifetime, which cuts costs. They also reduced the engine noise by 50 percent and fuel burn by 20 percent. Louis was very diligent to get engineers and operational talent and pair them with the most advanced technology to completely change to aerospace industry. On his part Mr. Chenevert stays very focused, surrounds himself with a great team, dream big with an open mind, and celebrate each victory.

As he reflects on his career he remembers a particularly bad job. Louis worked on the 2nd shift in a assembly plant as a first line supervisor at GM. The very difficult job as he describes it was frustrating due to the fact would not listen to employees who had good ideas. On the other hand he learned a very valuable lesson to listen to others and been a good example as a leader. He has taken this to heart for almost 40 years. Louis currently works at Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division as a Senior Industry Advisor since 2015.


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