Matt Badiali and The Freedom Checks Model

Freedom Checks refers to a term created out of thin air by Matt Badiali meaning investing in Master Limited Partnership companies (MLP). An MLP is a unique firm structure that rewards investors with a quarterly or monthly return on investment. Freedom Checks is a legitimate investing strategy. To make real cash this way, you need a significant amount of capital, so it’s not for everyday investors with only a few bucks to spare.

According to Ted Bauman, the Bauman Letter’s editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, investing in MLP corporations is all about purchasing units of a particular company and getting a return on investment every year based of the performance of the companies. So you’re becoming a shareholder or a unit-holder of a given firm expecting the company will perform well. This form of investment is similar to the way stock dividends work. The only exception is that some tax benefits and other differences as well with this mode.

Ted is active on both Twitter and Facebook where he shares his knowledge on investment matters. He also publishes finance content on Medium.

These firms distribute a minimum of 90% of their entire revenue to the investors. However, they do not pay taxes like most companies nor do the shareholders who get this income. Ted Bauman explains that the income tax on the investor’s earnings is only payable when selling any of your shares. Having understood the basics of this model, the critical thing to do is to select the right firms to invest your money. If you want to make some good returns, this is where the freedom check by Matt Badiali comes into play. He narrows down for you the best companies to invest in to enjoy a good profit.

Ted Bauman explains that these firms control or own more than $1billion in raw materials. Notably, natural resources like gas, minerals, oil, core metals, timber and precious metals such as silver and gold. These MLP companies usually pay out roughly 5 to 10% of your investment every year, which they pay out on a quarterly or monthly basis, which appears to be around the average returns for many Master Limited Partnership companies.

Matt Badiali has been researching on natural resources for over 20 years and is widely known as an expert in the energy, mining and agriculture industries. According to Matt, with the massive reduction in imported oil from the Middle East, and a significant increase in gas and oil production in the US because of the intensified growth, these companies are in a better position to generate massive returns in the coming years. This progress will enable them to pay approximately 34.6 billion dollars in freedom checks to investors in the next one year.



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