McDonald’s Finds Itself In A Mozzarella-Related Lawsuit


Major corporations have to watch every step. McDonald’s has found itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit. A customer is extremely unhappy about receiving “cheese-less” mozzarella sticks. Every really does mean every. Serving up a bread stick without the requisite mozzarella cheese is sure to anger some customers. No, the mozzarella sticks were not empty. They were filled with “fake” cheese.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed over false advertisement. Basically, the suit claims McDonald’s claims its product is made with “real” cheese. The issue of contention here is the sticks are filled partially with starch. As is the opinion of Marc Sparks, claims of “real mozzarella” and “100% real cheese” should be deemed false advertising. How this will play out in the courts is going to take time. Right now, McDonald’s is dealing with a headache the corporation would prefer to avoid.

McDonald’s suffered some tough times a few years ago. The banner years of the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s looked like they could never be recaptured. McDonald’s tried many different steps to reverse its downward spiral, a spiral caused by bad marketing and increased competition. In a surprising turnaround, McDonald’s ended 2015 with well over $1 billion in profits and soaring stock prices.

Increasing the items on the menu was one approach McDonald’s took to improve business. Ironically, the addition of mozzarella sticks is going to lead to a lot of bad publicity. Likely, McDonald’s is going to hope the news over the suit fades away.

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