Michael Burwell Successfully Runs Willis Towers Watson


Michael Burwell, a well-known manager, also once served as General Manager of Redwood Mortgage Cooperation since 1979 and became its principal accounting officer since 1986. He has been the secretary and treasurer of A&B Financial Services Inc. since 1980. Burwell also has been in the records for serving as Principal Executive Officer of Gymno Corporation since 1986. Generally, the financial expert has worked for more than 10 well-known companies in the United States market. Today, Burwell serves as the CFO of Willis Towers Watson.

For years, Michael Burwell learned about the right way to make his career better. He knew there were a lot of things he could do that would change the course of his career, but he also wanted to make sure he could help people have a better understanding of all the options that would make it easier for him to do things the right way. When Michael Burwell knew what people wanted, he felt confident he could give it to them.

He also felt there were opportunities he could use to make people see the best parts of the company. For him to do this, he had to make sure he showed others what they needed to do and how they could make their own companies better. Since he spent all the time, he had on making things easier for his clients, he felt there were ways that would allow him to show people what they needed to get.

After taking a lot of time trying to find help for others and showing them, they can make their lives as good as his, Michael Burwell knew he made the right choices. He felt good about making these choices and that’s what pushed him to focus on how he could help them understand the best way to make their own business better. For Michael Burwell, helping people was something that would allow him to keep giving back no matter what people ran into or how hard they worked to come up with new solutions.

Based on the experience Michael Burwell had and the things he did to make everything better for his clients, he knew he could make the opportunities better for the people he worked with. It made sense for him to keep showing people what he could make to give attention to the people who needed it. As he grew the financial aspects of the business, he felt he had a chance to help others while also making more out of different situations. It was his goal to keep helping people no matter what issues he ran into or how he needed to help them.


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