Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Triumphant as a Journalists

In United States history there have been presidential pardons, and that has raised lots of controversial, and President Trumps made presidential pardon to Sherriff Joe Arpaio. Joe is known in Maricopa County to be the toughest Sherriff.

However, Joe issued orders for the arrest of two journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin even though they were innocent. Approximately ten years ago, the homes of these two journalists were knocked by the undercover of darkness where Lacey and Larkin were dragged out of their houses. The charges that faced them were to reveal the grand jury investigation details.

Significantly, Michael and Jim were executive editors of the Village Voice Media newspaper. Before they were arrested that day, they had published the grand jury investigation in their publication at Phoenix New Times.

The two journalists did not know if what they were publishing was under investigation and Joe Arpaio used that opportunity to attack them. Joe was not pleased by Lacy and Larkin at all since they had previously published lots of publications concerning the malpractices and misconduct he had to the members of the public. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://angel.co/jim-larkin-1 and https://www.facebook.com/michael.lacey123

Sherriff Joe misused the office and more so he did not follow the constitution and ended denying Latinos their rights and other immigrant groups.

He was not ashamed of his acts since the employees that worked under him were forced to follow his orders till people raised the alarm to end the malpractices and abuse of power of Joe Arpaio and journalist got interested. It is at this time when Larkin and Lacey revealed the truth to the American public, and their publication resulted in the arrest of Jim and Michael.

It was not easy for any newspaper to publish any report concerning Arpaio but after that exposure by Jim and Michael they gained courage and made numerous publications. They spend about 24 days in prison, and thereafter they got their freedom and filed a case against Joe. In their case, they revealed his misconduct and abuse of power, and they got compensation of $3.7 million.

However, the reason for President Trump pardoning Joe Arpaio is still controversial but it is evident that Joe endorsed Trump during his campaign and also some people saw Joe as a hero.

The settlement amount that Lacey and Larkin received for settlement of their suit they used to fight for the rights of all Latinos that were undermined. They created Frontera Fund to ensure that there were no discriminations to immigrants and more so Latinos could be able to protect their First Amendment rights.

Furthermore, the relationship between the two journalists started back when they were at Arizona State University, and they dropped out when they teamed up other students in published a report concerning campus antiwar protest.

Throughout their career, they have been publishing the reports that are in line with the needs of the members of the public despite they sometimes ended up in prison and discharged often they did not give up. They stand to be the role model to most American journalists.

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