Netpicks’ Top Four ETF Selections that Enhance Sustainability

Netpicks is a company that stands out to be one of the unique and educational institutions focused on training entrepreneurs to have a better run of their business. It was founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman with a simple goal of providing the best stage of training, offering trade skills to interested regular traders. The company announced its investment in ETFs which are aimed at attaining sustainable development.


Investing in ETFs

Netpicks has ventured in Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) which offer unique trading processes. In order to enhance sustainability, the company focuses the ETFs on four groups including positive screening, negative screening, themed investing, and ESG integration, look on ( The company recently highlights that its ETFs which emphasizes gender issues and environmental concerns are considered an investment that promotes social responsibility. The company currently has a YouTube channel that allows anyone to follow and watch videos for tutorial tips about the ETFs and other trading services available.


The Company’s Mission in the Trading Sector

Netpicks’ intentions are always to train people and give them skills of trading smarter but not longer, which shows that the trading system training that they usually offer lines within three objectives which makes it easier for one to choose. These include full time, done within minutes, and part-time careers. The company has streamlined all its services and process to make it easier for the trainee to choose their goals and allow the system to do the rest of the work. The training system laid by Netpicks lets the entrepreneurs have better business skills which make them have useful and profitable transactions, learn more details on


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