Oncotarget: moving research forward

Oncotarget is a new medical journal that allows readers to have free access to a wide variety of medical and oncology papers that are published on a weekly basis. Under the guidance of well-known medical scientists, Oncotarget has a simple goal: help all researchers and their contribution to the ever changing progress of science. Enjoying a life that is disease free is the overall goal.The mission of medical journal is simple.

Their goal is to make scientific results and research rapidly available and easy to access.If research is easily accessed, this will allow new discoveries, ideas and topics to be widely shared and at a rapid pace.Since the huge success and amount of factual knowledge that is easily located in one area, Oncotarget has decided to branch out and launch sections that are unrelated to oncology. Some of these sections include:


Autophagy / cell death



Pathology (beyond oncology)

Gerotarget and aging

Due to the ease of accessing and sharing information, Oncotarget had a fear that too much information would be hard to decipher and weed through. The journal needed a good way to help researchers decide which articles were more popular and which articles were more relevant to their topic of interest. This is where the Altmetric badge rating system came into play. The altmetric badge system is an easy to read indicator that quickly and easily shows readers the volume and type of attention a research article has received since publishing. The donut shaped badge is color coordinated so that researchers know exactly which article pertains to their needs.


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