Oncotarget Supports Disease-free World initiatives

In the world today there are many initiatives that have been started by various groups and organizations which are aimed at creating diseases free world. There have been concerted efforts by these groups to ensure that this goal is achieved as soon as possible. It is noble and very important goal that should be supported by all. One of the methods that these groups have been using to achieve this goal is by creating adequate access to vital information regarding various diseases. There has been heightened information access to diseases such cancer among other scientific topics. One the organizations that have joined this mission towards a disease free world isOncotarget. This group was formed in 2010 and it has been very supportive of the initiatives that are geared towards realization of this goal. The main reason why Oncotarget was formed was to address the issue of cancer.

Oncotarget was established by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andre Gudkov. Oncotarget is a weekly journal that highlights the initiatives that are being undertaken towards realization of diseases free world. After one year of operations, Oncotarget had already gained ground and was ranked among the very best with an Impact factor of 4.7. As of today the Oncotarget journal is among the most cited journals when it comes to scientific research.

In 2016/2017, Oncotarget was cited 30241 times. In terms of Impact Factor. This is 5.168, the highest value for any journal in the history. In the category of scientific research it also ranks high. This was a huge growth compared to the 205/2016. In just over a year, the citations had tripled. In 2015/2016, Oncotarget had only about ten thousand citations. Based on the articles published in 2015, Oncotarget is the best ranked journal. It was rated QI by Scopus/SJR. This is the highest rank that a journal may receive.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is the founder and the edit in chief of the Oncotarget journal. This is a role that he equally shares with its co-founder Andrei Gudkov. Oncotarget is comprised of highly experiences professionals who specialize in writing for various fields. The professionals that have been recruited by Oncotarget always ensure that the publications that are submitted are up to the required standards.

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