One Hundred Years of Experience with OSI Group

Found in 1909 OSI group supplies custom food products across the world with revenues at over one billion dollars. The company is located in Aurora, Illinois and is currently under the leadership of Shelton Levin. OSI Industries currently employs over 100,000 people and it supplies food products to major food services and retail brands. The company is privately held since founded by Otto Kolschowsky.

OSI group has branches throughout the United States and Europe end China and the group successfully meets standards of governments across the world. However, governmental regulations are not the only hurdles that OSI must meet. OSI as a food producer must also please its customers taste. The company’s management teams are ever sensitive to local cultures and tastes on a global scale. OSI Industries specializes in protein items specifically sausage links and beef patties and in addition it supplies to leading retail brands sandwiches and pizza.

With more than 50 production facilities in 17 countries the corporation is enlarging its footprint in China. OSI has over 20 years experience and eight factories in China and is building two new factories. Upon completion of these mega-factories OSI will become the largest supplier of poultry in China. Its clients in China include McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, Burger King, Papa Johns and more, but OSI expansions are not limited to China.

Food production is the fastest growing market in the world and OSI is expanding to fill market needs. OSI is building facilities in Poland, Geneva Illinois, Hungary and other countries across the globe. OSI is not limited to food production but also is a leader in product development. OSI supplies its clients with solutions to customers sophisticated commands. Offerings include natural, organic and premium but affordable healthy products.

Partnering with equipment manufacturers OSI helps develop processes that produce safe and quality food with x-ray capability to prevent contamination with foreign substances. OSI also partners with growers to find solutions to promote better growing and harvest. With over 100 years of experience OSI Industries employs the latest technical resources and the people who are best able to bring about new ideas for production and safety. Under the guidance of Shelton Levin and David McDonald all local management is provided means to meet the varied stringent governmental regulations and local customs and tastes. OSI is currently hiring on a global scale for positions from the ground up and offering competitive salaries and benefits packages.

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