OSI Group: A Beacon of Hope in the Meat Industry

The world craves meat. From chicken, beef, pork, and even fish, people love meat. Meat-based diets such as Keto have exploded in popularity in recent years. With the global population rising — at alarming rates — the meat industry is struggling to keep up with the growing demand. Competition is stronger than ever and companies in the meat industry are expanding rapidly to survive. OSI Group is a great example of a company that is not only surviving but thriving in the new meat economy.

OSI Group is using this growing demand to expand its influence across European markets. Last year, OSI acquired Baho Foods in a surprise deal that will broaden it’s European control. The undisclosed deal will see OSI grow their brand to include deli meats and snacks. Baho Foods is one of the largest companies that supply the foodservice industry with products in its category.

This isn’t the only European company that OSI has acquired recently. Creative Foods (formerly Flagship Europe) was absorbed by OSI Group in another undisclosed deal. With a portfolio of pies, frozen chicken products, sauces and fillings, Creative Foods was a major source of food products to the service industry. With a strong presence in Europe, this acquisition will see OSI increase their network of supply chains as well as shipping capabilities throughout Europe.

OSI Group isn’t only expanding abroad, the privately owned Illinois based company is increasing capabilities domestically as well. In Southern Chicago, OSI recently purchased a large Tyson food plant in a $7.4 million deal. The poultry factory adds to a rapidly growing list of domestic OSI factories. OSI — after retaining most of the current factory staff — equipped the chicken-based factory to be capable of producing much more than poultry. Beef and pork products are going to be added to the list of things the factory is capable of packaging.

OSI is an example of a company in the meat industry that is thriving the modern market. With the acquisition of Creative Foods and Baho Foods, two major European food companies, OSI is well positioned to lock down some important European markets. The Chicago plant should help increase OSI’s already dominant presence in the states. OSI was recently named as a Top 100 Food Company for their growing dominance in the meat industry. With a hiring system that awards hard work with incentives such as raises and paid time off, OSI is focusing on the people, not just the product. OSI Group is a beacon of how to thrive in a hyper-competitive industry.

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