Paul Mampilly Bets on Elon Musk

Paul Mampilly has been making money. The Bayan Hill editor runs Profits Unlimited, a subscription-based newsletter with an impressive 100,000 subscribers attached to it. The $97 a year members only newsletter have been doing well, to say the least. Paul Mampilly, himself, has also been doing well. His picks are up, his subscribers are up, and his place at Bayan Hill looks like it’s set in stone. View at to learn more.

Recently Paul is pitching New Energy as the biggest upcoming trend in investment. In particular, he says that one company will become bigger than Amazon and Google combined. So what company is he talking about? Well, surely it’s Tesla. Tesla is about the only energy-related company on the planet that could potentially reach those heights.

So why is Paul Mampilly suddenly drawn to Tesla? Our guess is that it has to do with Tesla’s new entry into the renewable energy market. Tesla announced PowerWall a home solar system service. This new service will put Tesla solar panels into homes across the world.

It is safe to say that it will boost the stocks a bit. However, Tesla stocks are still a gamble on one thing. Whether or not Elon can get the production of the Model 3s up. Can Elon Musk get the Model 3s mass-produced? Probably, eventually. When exactly is the question? For that, I don’t think anyone has any insight.

In reality, there isn’t really a way to use the stock numbers to justify a pick of Tesla. After all, Tesla has always, and will always, be a gamble on Elon Musk. Belief in Tesla is a belief in the vision of Elon Musk. This vision has put rockets into space and back as well as produced some of the best cars on the planets that just so happen to run on electricity.

So Paul Mampilly is really saying that Elon Musk is his big pick. And, honestly, we’re fine with that. Elon Musk has continued to shock and outdo the shorters. He has been, and always will be a visionary. Betting in Apple used to be a bet in Steve Jobs. The same can now be said about Elon Musk. In the end, trust him or not, Elon Musk has been getting things done. His companies continue to rise and his vision of going to space looks to be getting closer and closer. So, get out there and get investing. Take a look at Tesla and make a decision for yourself. Visit:


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