Rethinking Marriage With Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage has done some amazing things for families when it comes to mending relationships. She is a counselor and therapist that has a tremendous amount of knowledge about what it takes to make marriages work. She knows what it takes to keep the family unit intact because she has been called in for families in need of repair a numerous amount of times. She has witnessed the ups and downs of marriage through the eyes of couples that thought their marriages could not be saved.She has been able to help couples pick up the pieces to their marriage and neatly place everything back in order.

She is a therapist that can help married couples construct better lives for themselves. She is able to do this because she has a degree that gives her the information she needs to analyze situations. She is also someone that has benefited from gaining experience about what married couples do. She knows what they do that is bad for the marriage and she also knows what married couples can do that will hurt the marriage. Patty has been trying to put a lot of married couples back on track by helping them to less of what hurts the marriage and concentrate more on what is beneficial to a marriage.Patty has been able to help married couples construct a better life for their relationship because she listens to the problems.

She takes the time to listen to each partner, and this is something that partners often do not do wirh one another. That is something that can open up the lines of communication.Patty Rocklage knows that no couple can function together unless they know what is the underlying cause of the problem in the marriage is. Many people that have been married have simply been used to living alone as a single person. When they come together it may be difficult for them to agree on many of the same things because they have always been used to making their own decisions. Patty introduces the concepts of compromise and balancing the marriage.

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