Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese entrepreneur and the founder of, the largest eCommerce retail business in China. He employs 167,000 people and has a net worth of $12.7 billion dollars. In January of 2018, Richard Liu gave an interview at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting and spoke about a wide variety of topics.


He begins the interview by talking about the restaurant that he tried starting up in college. Although it ended up failing, Richard Liu Qiangdong talks learned several important lessons on how to run a business and manage his time. He then goes on to talk about the early days of his startup company that eventually became and several hurdles that had to be crossed in order to make it successful. They then begin to talk about the growth of Richard Liu’s company and how long it will take to become the most profitable business in China as well.


A rundown of the inner function of the company is next discussed, with Richard Liu talking about where his company operates and what sort of services they not only provide to the people of China but internationally as well. has over 500 logistic centers that aid in the transportation of packages and maintains an international delivery capability. Liu then goes on to differentiate the different types of actions his business takes in different parts of the world, such as building strong partnerships in South-East Asia and developing projects.


The Chinese economy is the subsequent topic discussed and whether or not this high growth is sustainable long-term. Richard Liu Qiangdong states that while he believes the speed will inevitably slow, standards of living and quality of products will continue to increase. Finally, the interviewer asks Richard Liu what relaxes him and how he spends the majority of his downtime. He responds by saying he enjoys traveling and swimming, and that both activities calm him down. The interviewer ends by congratulating Richard Liu on all that he has accomplished and wishes him well. See This Article for additional information.



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