Rocketship Charter Schools Building Excellence In Education


When parents look to see what types of education that would be best for their children, one of the top choices in the last twenty years has been charter schools. That is because charter schools have much smaller classroom sizes and are known to have a greater capacity to design their educational systems based on what works rather than the status quo of typical public education.

This is certainly the case with Rocketship Charter schools. With schools in five different regions in the country, the concept of Rocketship has literally taken off as students show a track record of excelling to excellence as they become their best and start to love to learn. Rocketship now has locations in San Jose and Redwood California; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Nashville, Tennessee and Washington D.C. with the first school opening its doors in 2007.

The schools predominantly serve children in lower income areas and have a track record of having some of the best achieving students in their given regions. Much of this can be attributed to the Rocketship belief that every student deserves the right to dream, discover, and develop themselves to reach their own unique potential. The school’s philosophy is geared towards helping their children discover their love for learning so they can begin the process of finding their own personal best and enjoy being taught.

The schools focus on building a close relationship with parents and students and work in urban areas where traditional public schools are often failing children and communities. Teachers at Rocketship are focused on being role models that inspire children to seek their own full potentials. While the basic focus is on their present learning teachers are also very focused on showing children that their dreams now can help change the world later.

In California, Rocketship Charter Schools are now ranked in the top 10% of schools in the state. Additionally, a study was done following 2,000 of Rocketship graduates who were in middle school and found that the average student was educationally a year ahead of their peers who had not attended a charter school. In the Washington D.C. area Rocketship Charter School is ranked as a tier one elementary school making it one of the top schools in the D.C. region.

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