Role of Jed McCaleb in Stellar Foundation

Jed McCaleb is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the technology field. He is a renowned programmer and cryptocurrency expert. He is one of the pioneers in the cryptocurrency industry and a great contributor to the modern development in the use of blockchains and cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. He was one of the developers of the first cryptocurrency in the world known as Mt. Gox. Jed has also immensely contributed to many other cryptocurrencies including edonkey, the first ever decentralized form of peer-to-peer sharing network.

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of another cryptocurrency form of payment knowns as the Stellar Development Foundation. Jed and Joyce Kim founded Stellar back in 2014. Their aim was to create a financial global system with minimal flaws and mistakes. Stellar is a financial network that focuses on inclusion in economic participation globally. Jed, with his extensive knowledge of the industry, is the lead technician in the company. He is the overall leader in coding and building the programs of the corporation. He has made a successful venture in his career and has always held to the notion of building and improving the existing technologies to create reliable and effective working technology.

The idea to establish the Stellar Foundation by Jed McCaleb was influenced by the Bitcoin technology. Jed identified the various shortcoming in the Bitcoin. He devised many ideas that could be used to overcome such shortcomings. This gave him the idea of establishing what he termed could be a breakthrough in the technology industry. Jed developed Stellar as an open financial network to connect various financial institutions. The stellar company allows for the billions of customers in the cryptocurrency industry and to link the institutions together to make it easy money transfer and with a low cost.

The Stellar Foundation has been implemented by many companies as one of the modes of payment. This was made possible when the company upgraded its services in 2014. Many companies and business institutions have incorporated the use of Stellar services as a form of payment in the market. This has been made possible through the uniqueness of the Stellar Foundation services created by Jed McCaleb.

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