Ronald Fowlkes: Equipment Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why

FirstSpear co-owner Ronald Fowlkes never imagined adding sports mentorship to his resume. The former St. Louis SWAT team commander and Marine Corps veteran now help mentees become disciplined team players. This experience also affords him the opportunity to strengthen father-son bonding. When Fowlkes isn’t engaged with FirstSpear affairs, he’s training his son’s team St. Louis Blues Triple-A. Alongside his role as the team’s off-ice trainer, he’s shouldering equipment management responsibilities as well. The long-time hockey devotee couldn’t have found a more suitable avenue to share his knowledge, skills, and experiences. Fowlkes emphasizes the value of equipment maintenance and care. While today’s athletes often put little thought into the idea, Fowlkes leverages sound reasoning of the win or lose scenario.


Ronald Fowlkes strongly advocates that mentorship programs benefit both the learner and guide. Having a long career in public service, he’s developed expert knowledge of life lessons and experiences. Being involved in such projects has helped Mr. Fowlkes to stay physically fit while doing something he truly enjoys. In exchange, youths look to these role models for guidance and support, which promotes self-growth. His contribution has truly made the team and community greater. The team ranks 27th based on national leaderboard statistics. And they’ve maintained a competitive position in tournaments locally as well. Fowlkes is a first-class Army Airborne School graduate. His expertise in physical fitness/training is impeccable.


In addition, Fowlkes role at Eagles Industries also requires his expertise on equipment, particularly law enforcement. Having placed incredible value on equipment for public service peacekeepers, Ronald Fowlkes launched Eagles Products. His experience in the military and law enforcement has shaped his future. Now, he’s provided a platform and state-of-the-art tools to help law enforcement officials become exemplary public service professionals. As business development manager to Eagles Industries, he specializes in commercial/law enforcement products. His company places great emphasis on equipment selection for development.


Mr. Fowlkes fascination with equipment innovations has always been aforethought. He didn’t hesitate to bring the concept to fruition after leaving the service. He’s long-observed different situations that made officers vulnerable, and creating Eagles Products has allowed him to address these issues. Through his company, he’s providing valuable education and cutting-edge tools to empower law enforcement professionals. Having realized how a lack of resources and limited knowledge can make law enforcement needlessly challenging, Fowlkes strives for improvements. He’s optimistic law enforcement officials will benefit greatly from using Eagles Products because careful consideration has been put into equipment selection.


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