Roseann Bennett’s Take On Telemedicine


With more than a decade of experience, Roseann Bennett has impacted the lives of hundreds of clients. A marriage and family therapist, Bennett has a wealth of experience providing therapy for clients in a number of areas. She is the Co-Founder and Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a nonprofit mental health agency that guides people to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Roseann Bennett is always looking for ways to be innovative and move forward with her practice. She is always looking for ways to make mental therapy available to more and more people. Roseann Bennett, recently during Mental Health Awareness Week, addressed a new trend in therapy called telemedicine. Telemedicine is the moving of healthcare services, over the telecommunications infrastructure. These services can include things like health assessments or consultations. Today health providers can use things like email, text and even Skype to delivers services and information.


While Bennett is a fan of “Telemedicine”, her support comes with caution. She warns that telemedicine she not be a total replacement for face-to-face interactions with care providers. That being said the pros list for using telemedicine is quite long. The world is becoming more and more digital so telemedicine makes sense that the healthcare world would evolve as well.


Telemedicine provides a convenience for patients. Scheduling a virtual appointment takes away the need for transportation. Telemedicine often provides same day appointments as opposed to waiting days or weeks to meet with a doctor in person. Perhaps the biggest pro is that virtual appointments are often less expensive than physical visits. Click Here to learn more.


Telemedicine is taking the health world by storm. Although there are some cons, the pros clearly outweigh them. Roseann Bennett believes in the power of telemedicine. If used wisely it can be an excellent method for delivering health care to patients.


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