Ross Abelow’s Seeks to Fund Animal Shelters

Ross Abelow is a lawyer in New York City. He is an expert in commercial, matrimonial litigation, and family law. After graduating from NYU and the Brooklyn College of Law he would go on to practice with the state of New York. He currently has over 20 years of legal experience. He has also been actively involved with community improvements. The attorney is a partner in the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro LLP.

Ross has been hard at work on new developments. Abelow announces his Go Fund Me campaign to assist the many animal shelters within New York City that are currently in desperate need of basic infrastructural improvements. Supplies like food, blankets, and animal medication are needed. These shelters do more than provide support for homeless animals. They also supply companions to the elderly and children who may not be able to afford first class pedigree animals. New York shelters, like the city itself, suffer from lack of staff and space. Promoting this cause will also increase awareness of these detrimental issues.

This campaign was officially announced on January 13th at a goal of $5000. This is a comparatively little amount to benefit shelters in the city. As the coldest temperatures on record continue to baffle climatologists, animals are more at risk this season. Many individuals in New York may attempt to alleviate the danger to strays by making outdoor shelters in the yards of the apartments or even adopting an animal in for the short term, however, this may not be the best seasonal solution for strays. Getting the proper space for animal shelter also takes a burden off of NYPD, who are often burdened with picking up lost or abandoned animals that could easily be taken into a shelter by their owners. Shelters that turn these animals away will leave owners feeling frustrated and more likely to release their animals into the city, a place that they are not trained to survive.

This campaign’s aims is to be ultimately effective in providing the money necessary to provide for the basic needs of at risk animals that also require medical treatment. Even when the winter season is over, and many of the animals may have found homes, this is a benefit that will last their lifetimes. Due to lack of resources and space, shelters cannot increase their numbers to house stray animals. These animals deserve a chance at life and companionship.

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