Sahm Adrangi Chairs Kerrisdale Management in Highlighting the Unethical Behaviors of QuinStreet

Those who are into businesses and investments know that whistleblowing is probably one of the most vital aspects of the industry. Thus, they also understand that some people refer to it as snitching. However, some people refer to it as a brave action made to stem in a close devotion to ethics. Moreover, whistleblowing can be used to highlight major suspicious businesses in different industries. With that said, Sahm Adrangi has been a significant household name in the sector of whistleblowers and fraudulent companies. For starters, he first appeared in public when he uncovered some fraudulent companies including China-Biotics, China Marine, and Lihua International.

The Beginning of his Career

Adrangi has a well-shaped career in financial management and whistleblowing. For starters, he first practiced at Deutsche Bank where he served as the head of the finance department. After that, he moved to Longacre Fund Management as a senior asset analyst. Moreover, he delved into research and publishing where he became a bestselling author for instrumental books that shortlisted significant fraudulent companies in different business sectors. Following his dedication to highlighting the pleas of the ordinary investors, Sahm Adrangi decided to blow the whistle on QuinStreet, Inc.

About QuinStreet, Inc.

Established in 1999 and based in Foster City, QuinStreet Inc. applies online performance-based methods of advertising to promote client’s products and services. Alongside the fact that it utilizes search engine strategies, the company recently announced that its profits have quadrupled. Therefore, the company took advertising to the next level with the hope of wooing more clients to invest. However, that was shortlived when Sahm Adrangi from Kerrisdale issued a negated report with very critical sensitive highlights including QuinStreet Inc. having one major investor whose money is utilized in deceiving other clients. Besides, Sahm Adrangi stated that the company is not highly qualified to provide clients with competitive and revolutionary marketing platforms in as much as it has plenty of affiliated websites. For that reason, it was critical for Adrangi to issue a report to protect naive clients from falling for the fraudulent business deals posed by QuinStreet Inc.

The Overview

Besides being an expert in finance, Sahm Adrangi is a renowned writer who has vastly contributed to the Wall Street Journal alongside Businessweek. Moreover, he is a revered speaker with more than five years of addressing conferences and critical entrepreneurial meetings.

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