Securus Technologies, Increasing its Public Presence through Innovative Technologies

Securus Technologies is taking its game to a new level. Announcing the acquisition of GovPayNet, the company is looking to grow by its proven method of implementing new technology. Although no formal plans have yet been released, the acquired company is pleased to join Securus and is also excited to work alongside a recently acquired company by the name of JPay. Since both are key players in the financial side of correctional facility management, the two will most likely utilize each other’s resources to bring new technology forward at a much faster rate.


The parent company of Securus Technologies has been in business for well over 30 years. It’s headquartered in Texas and has served thousands of facilities and over 1.2 million inmates. With such a large footprint, it’s been recognized as a leader in institutional management. On the internal side of things, the company provides software, monitoring of all different types, and convenience items for the facilities. The company is best known externally for its telephone service, video visitation, messaging and financial services. Adding new businesses to the mix, Securus Technologies is on track to become a single solution provider for all facilities.


Recent developments under the Securus Technologies umbrella include the sale of tablet computers to inmates and wireless containment systems. The tablets are for limited entertainment usage and include software to take coursework. This is a huge benefit to the inmates as many of their resources are outdated. It also helps them prepare for life on the “outside” again. The WCS technology is used to prevent contraband cell phones from being used on the premises. The project is still in its beginning stages but has produced outstanding results according to its reports. Getting far ahead of the game, Securus Technologies is most likely a company that will have a much stronger public presence in years to come.


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