Securus Technologies: Innovatively Countering the Incarceration Nightmare

Over the years, Securus Technologies has been based on the notion of providing technology that not only progressively improves public safety in facilities but also revolutionizes the incarceration environment. In this era, almost all correctional institutions are embracing technology to prevent and solve crimes. Securus is proud to be among the groups that came up to bring about these reforms and make prisons a better place; reassuring families that their loved ones will come out as better and productive members of the society. Hard work can never go unrecognized, and for this reason, Securus has received several positive comments and formal letters with regards to their good service in the industry.


Securus CEO, Rick Smith, later adds that the company strives to come up with at least one innovation every week. Clients have shown utmost gratitude to the significant impact Securus’ solutions have made. One correctional facility specifically acknowledges the company for helping them to track a corrupt staff who later accounted for his actions. Equally, Securus was responsible for monitoring another facility’s communication track which eventually exposed the use and selling of drugs and contrabands.


About Securus

Securus Technologies is famed for being at the forefront in providing cutting-edge solutions to correctional facilities. The company has set a high record of offering both civil and criminal justice innovations which target to heighten public safety while equally modernizing incarceration. Thousands of law enforcement and public safety facilities rely on Securus for simple, secure yet powerful solutions which come in handy in their everyday operations. The firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and serves over 3,450 agencies with more than 1,200,000 inmates all over North America.


Some of the services offered by Securus Technologies include parolee tracking, detainee communications, and government information management solutions. The company is a recognized leader in issuing comprehensive solutions, thanks to its ever-standby responsive customer service. Securus channels its focus to meet specific demands of law enforcement communities. The company has several office stations, four regional offices located in Dallas metro areas and one in Atlanta, Georgia.


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