See How Clay Siegall Has Enhanced Biotechnological Genetics

Seattle Genetics is a biotech firm where Clay Siegall is its CEO and founder. The company is known to develop certain therapy drugs for various diseases. It mainly targets diseases whose mortality improvement hasn’t been seen for decades. Clay holds a bachelor’s degree in zoology from Maryland University. Clay also went to the University of Georgia Washington where he attained his Ph.D. in genetics. Clay founded Seattle Genetics in the year 1998 and he has made it an apex in the therapy industry. It has become a developed company in antibody-drug conjugate and the first company to be FDA-approved.

The company has developed a pipeline of over 20 drugs. The company has a strong string of strategic partnerships. Some of the drug manufacturers Seattle Genetics partners with include Pfizer, Genentech, and Bayer. Clay started his career journey in a very low tone. He used to work with skeleton researchers before he became a powerful player in the space of cancer research. The plans that Clay has for the company are big. He intends to increase the potential indications and drug list in his company. The kind of drug development Clay intends to do in his company will meet the 21st century medical needs.

Clay believes that the systematic chemotherapies used to treat cancer are an old technique that needs to be replaced. He notes that the target therapies in decades to come will have a clearer efficacy. His main aim is to ensure the target drugs he comes up with are vastly effective and more tolerable. The drugs the company has produced are effective and they would continue to improve their standards. CEO Clay has opened an office in Switzerland. The company sold its foreign ownership to gain Adcetris capital and expand its global market. The company has continued to make progressive profits under Clay’s leadership and it is growing steadily.

It is predicted that the company will be more successful in the future. The company targets an antigen protein that is said to treat Hodgkin lymphoma. Some of the drugs the company has managed to develop include LIV1 that treats breast cancer, 22E that cures bladder cancer and Adcetris and Number 33A, which is effective in treating acute myeloid leukemia. Clay notes that developing a drug is on only possible when one is focused and patient. Clay Siegall is known to have a 20-year experience in cancer research and in the manufacturing of therapeutic drugs.

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