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How would the world look like if we could detain the cumulative power we have as humans today, yet we have all the resources, facilities and technology to solve inevitable challenges? What if we could harness all these to meet every kind of demand and add value to support the next generation?

At IAP, those are exactly the kind of questions that motivated them to venture in the unexpected. A leading international service company, IAP provides a full spectrum of solutions to public and private sector corporations worldwide.

They operate in over 25 countries around the world and have a professional pool of employees who are dedicated to providing world class customer satisfaction levels.

However, the proof of concept lies squarely in the planning, coordination and implementation of complicated logistical and technical challenges.

As the chief provider of global-scale logistics, their focus is to channel their passion and experience into exceptional results. Whether it’s a natural disaster or an overseas battleground, IAP Worldwide Services is ready to deliver the people, technologies and program required to support its customers.

This has been further heightened by IAP’s move to acquire G3 Systems Ltd; a British Engineering Company in the UK. Additionally, it has acquired two business units from DRS technologies-Aviation and Logistics business and Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business.

The two units were integrated into a new unit expanding the portfolio of services and increasing the capability of IAP to deliver services and solutions to customers worldwide.  Read more: IAP: Home and IAP Worldwide Services jobs at

These companies have added value by providing commercial and international clients with a broad range of solutions ranging from fixed infrastructure, modular systems and associated services.

This has made it possible for IAP Worldwide Services to design, deliver and maintain equipment on a global scale, even under the most challenging and harsh environments.

Since its inception in Irmo, SC as a specialized logistics company, IAP continues to impact the world through innovative breakthroughs in global logistics, emergency disaster relief, mobile power generation and transport services.

One such major operation includes supporting the U.S Army in an operation dubbed Desert Storm. This skipper success has seen the company make huge leaps of progress year-on-year. Currently, IAP Worldwide Services holds government contracts worth over $370 million.

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