Shervin Pishevar Offers His Take on Multiple Topics

Shervin Pishevar went on a 21-hour Twitter rant in February of 2018. He touched on a variety of topics related to the American economy as well as it’s role in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the things that he had to say during his social media vent session.


Bitcoin Is Going to Keep Falling


If you listen to the words of Shervin Pishevar, the price of Bitcoin is going to fall to at least $5,000. In fact, it could fall as low as $2,000 before it stabilizes and starts to climb again.


Gold May Be the Answer


However, Bitcoin is not the only investment that will lose value over the next several months. The stock market is expected to lose 6,000 points during 2018. Ultimately, investors can expect volatility in several different markets including the bond market. Therefore, it may be best to put your money in gold as it will increase in value during this volatile time.


The United States Lacks the Will to Think Big


Shervin Pishevar says that the United States risks losing its status as a global superpower because of a lack of long-term planning. He says that other countries such as China do a better job of thinking about what they need today and in the long run. Unless more people start thinking big like Elon Musk, there may be problems with our infrastructure that will be difficult or impossible to remedy.


New Businesses Won’t Be Started in the United States


According to Shervin Pishevar, the largest companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google have a monopoly over the current startup environment in the United States. Unless this changes, it is likely that more and more companies will be formed overseas as opposed to in America. Even if changes are made, modern technology has made it easier to start businesses from wherever an entrepreneur happens to be.

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