Shervin Pishevar Says Silicon Valley Is An Idea Gone Viral

Shervin Pishevar’s statement that Silicon Valley is now an idea gone viral is profound. Looking past the technological innovation, one sees a culture inspired by the diverse migration of people from around the world. It changed, not just how the technology industry thinks, but how the world perceives civilization. It is creative, economical, intellectual, and diverse. Going viral may have been the only words on the mind of Shervin Pishevar. Nevertheless, they sound perfect.


Silicon Valley is now synonymous with Internet technology. Once a remote region, it transformed into the most technologically advanced community in the world. Startup companies moved there for economic and development advantages. It became for industries what the stock market was for early America. It was not just a place to meet the needs of the Internet community, but a place to exchange ideas. In this melting pot, companies innovate together. If the Internet were as mature as it is now, Shervin Pishevar might have said the place went viral.


Today, Silicon Valley is more than a technological hub. It fosters new culture. Companies became so big that the local population could not support even high school level jobs. People moved into this geographic area while companies like Facebook and Google were still young. New graduates had high hopes, just because they would live in Silicon Valley.


It became a place that the world was drawn to. Like America during the days of Ellis Island, international cultures came together to form something new. It was a reborn global culture. Not a new world, but a better one. Instead of being led by outcasts of European kingdoms, young, intelligent, and open-minded individuals were free to share their creativity with the world. Read This Article to learn more.


Going viral seems to allude to the fact that similar advantages are now available to the entire world. Is Shervin Pishevar aiming to call attention to a global culture brought about by technology? Millennials are typically characterized in this way. But, what if the transformation that happened at Silicon Valley happens to the world? Not just technologically, but with an aptitude for creativity.

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