Slyce’s Visual Technological Achievements in 2015 Annual Report

Slyce Inc. and its visual search technologies

Based in Toronto, Slyce specializes in developing effective visual search technologies. These technologies enable retailers and their clients get great sales. Consumers get the product they want by taking the photo of the desired product using mobile phones and then they engage the retailer through the visual search technology. The retailer can get the exact product that a client since the technology allows for instant visual recognition. The range of products that Slyce delivers includes an app for consumer use and a visual search platform.

Slyce’s 2015 end year report

The focus of Slyce in 2015 was to increase its visual search technology strength and number of retailers using it. They made the process of integration easy for new customers by boosting the system to enable better automatic feeds of products that consumer wants. They packaged their products within the unified Software Development Kits in a way that allows for the product to perform various functions. Yahoo Finance captured in details Slyce’s 2015 annual report that included their technological achievements (

One of the major products launched was the Universal Scanner. This product enables instant recognition of any kind of product that interest a consumer. It was integrated in the apps that retailer use. It has a single camera that does all types of detection for Android and iOS. A mobile web SDK was also developed to increase the capabilities of the universal scanner in mobile browsers.

Slyce Link launched on November 25this a visual system technology solution that basically recommends products to consumers. It enables retailers to show different products that are visually similar to clients on various e-commerce websites. It increases sales through shopping conversions.

Slyce also introduced an enhanced 3D object recognition solution that offers recognition of any product from retailers’ catalogue. For detection of User Generated Content, Slyce developed a system that combines automatic recognition and human-assisted flow.

The 2D content management system enables the Universal Scanner to make a match of products that are in printed material. Other developments include the launch of Craves which is a fashion focused visual search app for consumers. Their 3D shopping app named Pounce was introduced to Android users and Slyce insight was launched to enable retailers keep track of visual search related activities.

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  1. Of all the technology I think that it is safe to just use the human assisted object recognition at just this moment when the technology is growing. Really will have a meaningful impact on the lifestyle of people in the next 10 years and it will change shopping forever. Many talk about what is in it for 3D technology has been in literature but now Slyce app will become a forerunner.

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