Stream Energy

Coal has been a heat source for centuries, but it became economically essential during industrialization. But with modern advances in cleaner energy sources – such as those being provided by Stream Energy – there have been significant reductions to coal use. A decade ago, coal provided roughly 50% of the power for the United States, but more recently it provides only 30% of America’s power needs.


In the process of these changes, a number of major coal mining corporations filed for bankruptcy. Other companies have seen big hits to their bottom line and are closing down major coal power plants. Over 200 of these plants have closed in the last two decades.


The decline in coal usage can be attributed primarily to its environmental impact. Around the world, coal plants generate roughly 80% of all carbon emissions from power plants. Given the impact that coal has global warming, it’s not surprising that Stream Energy and other companies that focus on green energy are doing so well.


During the previous presidential administration, the EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) was put into effect to combat climate change. One of the goals was to reduce the carbon emissions produced by power plants. Along with other EPA regulations that reduce coal use in power plants, this directly impacted the coal industry.


Studies show that when the healthcare costs associated with coal use in America are calculated, they come to roughly $130 billion each year. Healthcare problems resulting from coal-based power plants include respiratory problems, heart attacks, asthma and longevity reduction. One thing that has reduced the need for coal is the reduction in energy consumption, with Americans buying far more energy-efficient appliances and homes. Click Here for more information


The headquarters for Stream Energy is located in Dallas, Texas. This corporation was founded in 2005 and has expanded its services to a number of other states, including Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Georgia and Pennsylvania. It’s also present in the District of Columbia. Visionary companies like Stream Energy are taking advantage of lower natural gas prices and renewable energy sources to help make coal obsolete. Stream is a Better Business Bureau accredited since 2010 and has since then earned an A+ rating as proof of their commitment to excellence.



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