Student Empowerment Through Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an online platform that teachers are able to use for free to engage and empower their students. The app is perfect for on-the-go recognition: bathroom breaks, picking up students from the cafeteria, recess, or any other moment when students are not in the classroom. This platform allows teachers to award student achievements by adding points onto their individual accounts, which are completely customizable. Students are able to customize their avatar on Class Dojo and add their own accomplishments to their Student Story, creating ownership over their own learning. Class Dojo presents an opportunity for a ground-up change, instilling a growth mindset in our children. Two in three schools across the United States use this communication platform each day to create community in their classroom and to inform parents on classroom happenings.

Class Dojo’s new feature, Student Stories, connects student learning with their families in a new and positive way. Students are able to share proud academic moments with their loved ones by showcasing them through Student Stories in their portfolios. Students can add videos or pictures of science experiments, a presentation they gave, or any other learning moment they would like to share. With Student Stories, the students are in control of their own learning, increasing ownership and productivity in the classroom. Students can use their class QR code to add material to their portfolios and even tag peers they collaborated with. Teachers love the ability to add material to student portfolios and the sense of student accomplishment that comes with it.

With Class Dojo, parents are able to empower their children at home, using Student Stories and Class Stories. This communication offers a triangle of student support. The teacher to parent and parent to student involvement helps Class Dojo cultivate community and build positive culture in classrooms and schools. Part of this positive culture is the growth mindset. Teachers have the opportunity to use the Class Dojo videos to reinforce the growth mindset. With or without the use of these videos, Class Dojo gives teachers the tools to create a growth mindset by forming a positive classroom environment.


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