Talk Fusion Changing The Video Communication Sector


Talk Fusion is the new and exciting way to make use of one of the worlds most popular current forms of communication, video. Not only is video streaming and watching via certain platforms extremely popular but it has also developed into one of the most effective marketing tools available to date. A lot of interaction with products and potential customers happens online. Almost everybody has a smart phone nowadays and therefore the ability to access instructional videos, product reviews and many more at the click of a button makes it so attractive.

One company that is taking advantage of this global trend is Talk Fusion which was originally started by Bob Reina. Back when email had just come into full swing, the idea of attaching a video within an email was simply not possible yet. Bob Reina made this discovery after trying to send a 10 second clip to his friends and family. He went as far as contacting his local ISP to figure out if it was possible. They said it had not been developed yet. This very statement inspired Bob Reina to consult his close friend and tech guru. The rest is history as the first Talk Fusion Video Email application launched in 2007. Talk Fusion has since developed tremendously and includes not one product but a suite of 4 separate and very specified products. Each caters to a separate video purpose.

Video Email, Video Newsletter, Live Meetings and Video Chat are part of the Talk Fusion Suite. Video Email and Video Newsletter come with a number of unique templates to aid the user in the creation of their desired video message. There are a number of different services that Talk Fusion offers with regards to the package that the customer can purchase. There are entry level solutions as well as business solutions with added email storage abilities and many more features. The world is shifting to video and Talk Fusion has made the switch simple by providing the customer with its functional and easy to use application suite..

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