Ted Bauman and The Strength of Banyan Hill Publishing to Offer Quality Insight For Investors

Ted Bauman may be a renaissance man, if people considered his series of accomplishments, success and ventures today. One of these ventures is being the Editor of Banyan Hill, which is a position he has held since 2013. The background of Ted Bauman came from the field of economics, and this is the credential that has pushed him further to his career, until he went to South Africa in the 1980s to build a career there. The main work that he did in the country was to establish a post-apartheid economic system and urban planning policy that would enable a harmonious system for all the shareholders and parties involved in South Africa. Check this article at sovereignsociety.com to learn more.

It may also be relevant to add here that Ted Bauman’s involvement in Banyan Hill Publishing has made the publishing firm one of the most sought-after consultancy companies today. In fact, it is revealed in an article from Affiliate Dork dated 24 April 2018 that Banyan Hill Publishing is now able to offer information to investors that they won’t be able to find in Wall Street. This is mainly because of the involvement of experts like Ted Bauman himself.

What people should know about Banyan Hill Publishing today is the fact that it’s a fast-growing publishing firm that promotes the most independent investment insight to the investors who acquire their services. The main focus of the company is on investments involving commodities, natural resources and mid-cap stocks, and since being founded in 1998, it has continued to retain its position as an investment organization that is rooted in personal sovereignty and self-reliance. The name of the firm is also based on the banyan tree, which is named to be the largest tree today in terms of canopy size. Like the company, the tree is able to build more trunks and foundations to make them survive against tragic events and other natural disasters. This is the most timely and accurate symbolism that the company where Bauman serves is best represented.

It should also be mentioned here that Bauman got his Business Administration degree at the State University of New York and his MBA at the Georgia State University. His Economics and History degree are from the University of Cape Town. He is also right now the editor of Banyan Hill’s other publication networks, including the Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club. He is now based in Atlanta, GA, spending most of his spare time with his family.  View: https://ideamensch.com/ted-bauman/



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