The Benefits of the George Soros’ Generosity to Communities Across the Globe

George Soros is one the United States’ leading billionaires, and he has accumulated all his wealth from the finance industry. The wealthy man is highly appreciated across the globe due to the amount of financial support that he has offered to different types of charity programs. To date, the billionaire has managed to give more than $2 billion to help communities across the globe. Most of the money that Soros donates is dedicated to facilitating the operations of foundations and people who are devoted to advocating for transparency in governments, freedom of speech, equality, and justice. He is also committed to offering his aid to individuals who have been discriminated by communities, and they include drug addicts, gay people, and sex workers.

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Soros’ original home is in Hungary and was motivated to participate in philanthropy by the oppression that he faced when he still lived in his homeland. During those years, Hungary had great competition for resources, and this led to the creation Nazi Occupation between 1944 to 1945 The movement was formed by the natives of the land, and they aimed at eliminating all the native Jews who lived in the country. Over 500,000 Jew lost their lives during that time, and George Soros and his family had to use other means to survive. They created fake Hungarian identities for themselves and other Jews to avoid being killed.

The business mogul was based in Hungary until 1947 when he relocated to London. He enrolled as a finance student at the London Schools of Economics and managed to be awarded the highest honors. Soros funded his education, and therefore, he worked at a railway station and a nightclub to raise enough money. After completing his finance degree, he moved to the United States and was based in New York where he started his career in finance and investment. In 1970, the billionaire created a top hedge fund enterprise that is known as Soros Fund Management and has made a fortune from the business. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

Soros has been taking part in philanthropy for decades now, and he owns a charitable organization that is called Open Society Foundation. He created the foundation and has been using it to manage a broad array of charity undertakings in more than 100 countries. Most of the activities that are run by the Open Society Foundation express the ideologies of George Soros. According to him, it is necessary for societies to create democratic governments that respect the rights and freedom of speech of the citizen. This will enable communities to prosper.

To date, the many charities have benefited from the billionaire. The first significant donation that he made in 1979, and it was dedicated supporting black South African who were discriminated by the apartheid rule. These individuals were sponsored to attend schools and empowered to free their country from the harsh rule. George has also been paying tuition fees for children from needy backgrounds to enroll in universities across the globe. Foundations like the European Council on Foreign Relations and International Crisis Group have benefited from his philanthropy. Read more about George’s life story at

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