The Chainsmokers Releases New Music Video

The Chainsmokers have plenty of reasons to celebrate this year. The singles they’ve released continue to make it to the top of the charts, and the new single Night Shift isn’t an exception. The music video for Night Shift has been trending on Youtube for days thanks to their large fan base, but they’ve done well on streaming sites too. The success proves the Chainsmokers still have the spark they had years ago.

The music the Chainsmokers produces has changed over the years, but it remains focused on the trendy styles. Two years ago, the music producing duo had their first big hit with Closer. The single reached the top of the pop charts and gave them the exposure they needed to thrive. Many people in their shoes end up leaving the spotlight as one-hit wonders. What separates the Chainsmokers is their ability to adapt to the way pop charts change. Every year, the trends in music change as new artists influence the public’s perceptions. Many artists fail to keep up with the trends, and these artists lose their place on the charts. The sound of the Chainsmokers changes every year along with their themes.

Night Shift is trending on streaming apps for a reason. The song shows the Chainsmokers are able to appeal to the new wave of listeners without a problem. This producer duo understands the importance of creating beats that reflect the times. Their 2016 sound was harsher, but it reflected the sound the crowds wanted. This single has a smoother noise than their previous work, but it’s consistent with the direction music is headed. Longevity in the music industry isn’t easy to achieve, but those who have it can weather any storm.

The future of the Chainsmokers’ music isn’t easy to predict. The dup wants to keep the fans they have, but they want to add new fans into the fold. Music producers need to stay on the top of their game to survive, but that’s what the Chainsmokers do best. Those who enjoy the anthems they produce today will want a deeper style later on. The Chainsmokers understand their fans are changing, and they want to keep them.

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