The Journey of Krishen Iyer: Marketing, Insurance Solutions and Philanthropy

In Fresno, a dedicated entrepreneur, an avid reader of books about investment and financial administration, someone who aims at the future and strongly believes in the power of communication, is continuously rising in popularity.



The company Managed Benefits Services, located in Fresno, California, has settled its position as one of the most influential marketing corporations around and is quickly growing and attracting more customers since its foundation.



Previously named Quick Link Marketing, the name says everything about the founder Krishen Iyer’s vision for the company: A link between marketing companies and those searching for marketing solutions, a connection between providers and customers, a bridge that joins offer and demand together.



Since its foundation, the group has grown in what is provided. They have developed and gained quite a lot of popularity in online marketing, but have since specialized in health insurance and, specifically, dental insurance.



Krishen Iyer, which now leads a famous company of insurance marketing and consultation, traveled a long journey since the foundation of what is now Managed Benefits Services. He has acquired expertise and experience in many areas, such as technical development, online marketing, and client relations, the latter being crucially significant to what he calls the essential skill for entrepreneurship: The ability to communicate.



Iyer owns part of his vast collection of knowledge in these areas to the experience that he has gained from working as the leader of Managed Benefit Services but also through his previous work with insurance. Years before the creation of his famous brand, he founded another company, MNP Insurance, which was nominated to the Inc 5000 list of 2015 due to its incredible success.



As of 2018, Krishen Iyer has already participated in many philanthropical activities with his group and most of his free time is dedicated to the local community of Fresno. Because of that, Krishen Iyer is not only recognized for his business, but also for the person he is.


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