The Leadership Of OSI Group

OSI Group is ran by Sheldon Lavin. He has made sure his company stays committed to produce food that is sustainable. This commitment comes from the company’s century old history of overcoming hardships and reaping rewards of being a leading company with the most up to date technology. OSI Group is a technology innovator in the food industry. Sheldon Lavin has directed this company to success since the 1970s. He was able to shape the company differently by exposing them to differ technologies and strategies. These strategies and technologies allowed the company to be efficient and have environmental friendly operations.

Being a sustainable company is what OSI Group is focused on right now. They want to be an example of a food company that makes sure it runs it facilities and operations according to environmental standards. With the right management and operational teams, this dream goal of sustainability will become a reality for the food logistic company. As the chairman and chief executive officer of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has been with the company during many of its phases. When he first began with the company he was responsible for aligning their finances. He was able to adjust their strategies to see sales go up and bring in more revenue for the food distribution brand. He led the deal between McDonalds and OSI Group becoming partners. He then went on to growing the company on an international level.

Sheldon Lavin knows the importance of risk. He has never been afraid of pushing his company to new heights. In fact, he has always welcomed change. Implementing new strategies and advanced technologies has caused the company to become a dominant company in the food that people around the world consume. He has an eye for seeing a vision. He has the ways and tools to make that vision come true. Although the company has had much success, he has big plans ahead. The company is creating new partnerships. The company is looking to open more facilities and bring on more employees all in effort to meet the growing demands of their customers.

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