The Online Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime Cosmetics is a line of make up that is about freedom and self expression. Her idea of beauty is that it changes depending how the person feels at the moment. She likes to refer to her customers as unicorns, because she believes that they are individuals that really stand out and defy typical beauty expectations.

Doe named the company after her favorite color, lime green. The make up line is made up of intensely pigmented, bold, and vibrant colors. Their first slogan was “its so bright its criminal” due to how vibrant their colors are. The makeup is vegan and cruelty free, meaning it is not made from animal products nor has been tested on animals.

She and her husband operate Lime Crime and they have a team of costumer support staff. She started a rock band with her husband 16 years ago and now he is the President of Lime Crime. She believes that he is very intelligent and the perfect partner to help manage her business.

Doe started out on Ebay, having registered the user name Lime Crime to sell her own DIY fashion products. She was her own model for her products and make up became her primary product. She later launched her own brand Lime Crime in 2008. Since the launch of her brand, her business has grown into a six figure income. Doe has even earned the award of Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine for her venture. She was inspired by the brands Kryolan and Ben Nye before she launched her own brand.

She sees a trend that businesses are shifting from brick and mortar businesses to exclusively e-commerce. Lime Crime is considered to be one of the first e-commerce only make up companies.

Prior to her internet entrepreneurship, she worked in administrative positions for an insurance company. She feels she did not fit in the the typical workplace and eventually quit. She regrets not starting her company earlier than she did.

Lime Crime has an official blog, giving out makeup and fashion ideas for potential costumers. You can see headlines like “Superfoils Artistry Challenge!”, “Makeup Trend Alert: Slight of Hand” and “Beauty Trend: Glitter Brows.” The blog also discusses what goes on behind the scenes of the company and Doe’s personal life. She is an active user of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to promote her brand.

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