The preparations leading up to the 2020 Lovaganza Celebrations

Lovaganza is an entertainment corporation geared towards creating world peace, unity and abundance.

Its main franchise is filmmaking that inspires the three most important objectives in people globally. Lovaganza has the profit and nonprofit branches which are dependent on one another. The nonprofit organization, Lovaganza Foundation, will be launched in 2018 to be considerate of all cultural aspects internationally.

Lovaganza incorporates a Bohemian experience into its art. They feature cultures of different communities worldwide to share the experiences and knowledge of other cultures with the aim of creating unity through accepting diversity.

Lovaganza seeks to raise awareness of their mission through traveling shows, a film trilogy and the series of celebrations on leading up to the main event, the 2020 celebrations.

The previous schedule of the 2015 celebration was postponed to 2020, to take advantage of all the trending new technologies.

The main event that will create more enthusiasm for the celebration will be the HANDS ACROSS THE WORLD at

The 2020 celebrations will take place between May and September of 2020 at the Grand Chapiteau venue in all eight flagged worldwide locations, across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania, and Asia.

Lovaganza will showcase their art during their traveling fairs and caravans in the years before the 2020 Lovaganza celebrations. They have modernized their Caravan experiences by adding modern technology to present their art. The Immerscope 360° 3D glass screen on Tumblr displays the actors, acrobats and dancers expertise to crowds.

The Immerscope technology which will be used to give a real life feeling to the audience of all the featured cultures by displaying the animated film series “The Marvelous 12” during the 2020 celebrations, along with other films. The films, which cater to the interests of all people through comedy, action, suspense, drama and mystery, will be played a period before May 2020 in both 2D and 3D theaters.

Lovaganza has also added an opportunity for the people to observe and interact with representations of all the eight diversities globally.

The Lovaganza convoy has visited studios of the cultures they will feature, such as in Mumbai, California, Spain and a Maasai Village in Kenya.

The convoy shot films in some of these regions to capture the originality of the set in the cinema. Their film “Follow Your Sunshine”, shot in Frigiliana has had a nostalgic effect on the dwellers and tourism. The film increased attractions of foreigners to the town throughout the whole year.

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