The Story Behind Those Amazing Lip Balm Spheres

Sanjiv Mehra, co-founder of Evolution of Smooth, did an interview with Fast Company and described how EOS was launched 7 years ago. He also describes the challenges that his company faced and what led to the multi-million dollar success of the EOS Company. It is currently the 2nd best-selling lip balm after BurtBees and sells over a million units every week.

Mehra stated that he saw a business opportunity in the lip balm industry because he felt as though all lip balms were created similarly without much distinction. He also conducted consumer research and discovered that lip balms were majority used by women as part of their beauty regimen,

His idea for the sphere shape was born from imagination. He wanted a shape that was fun to hold and unique. He contacted a clay sculpture to make the shape of the product. The signature sphere shape was born.

Once the product was created, he needed to find a way to distribute it. He hired an experienced sales rep to showcase this product to different drug stores; however, buyers turned the idea down and stated that consumers were more likely to stick with more Well-known brands, such as Chapstick. Mehra was lucky enough to score another meeting with a female buyer from Walgreens that loved the sphere shape and decided to accept the product to be sold in their stores. EOS balms are currently available in Target, Walgreens, Walmart, eBay, Amazon and other stores.

Mehra has has extensive experience with large companies, such as Pepsi. He credits the success of EOS to his prior knowledge and experience. EOS currently is promoted through its social media accounts. Celebrities have been photographed with the spheres, and they have been promoted through various beauty vloggers on Youtube as product reviews.

EOS has truly become a household name and continues to grow in popularity.

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