The Success Of Maggie Gill At Memorial Health

In 2004 Maggie Gill first joined Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia, as the company’s Vice President of Finance/Managed Care. In 2005 she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Due to her skill and business acumen she was named as President and Chief Executive Officer of the hospital in 2011. Prior to serving at Memorial Health she had a 5 year successful career at Tenet Healthcare in South Florida as their Chief Financial Officer. Gill graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature/Arts and obtained her Master of Business Administration in 1998 from Saint Leo University in Florida.

As President and CEO of Memorial Health Maggie Gills role is to set the overall strategy and culture of the hospital. She is also responsible in a number of other areas such as corporate communications, facilities management, government relations, physician relations, and various medical programs. While she worked at Tenet Healthcare she won their Outstanding CFO award three times.

Over the last two years Maggie Gill was in negotiations with Novant in order to bring in much-needed funds. The ongoing changes that have been happening in the field of health care has been very difficult for most hospitals to maneuver through financially. Once of the difficulties facing Memorial Health is that they serve as a safety net for the region and as such nearly one in three patients is unable to pay their medical bills. Another factor is that government reimbursements for medical care have been gradually decreasing. Unfortunately, talks collapsed which Maggie Gill and the head of Novant, Carl Armato, says was caused by a disagreement about oversight caused by the Chatham County Hospital Authority. The authority interfered in the negotiations and an attempt to better position themselves and this resulted in different directions being pursued by two different governing bodies.

When Maggie Gill is not working she is almost always spending time with her family which consists of her, her husband, and two young children. Gill has said their favorite activities all take place outdoors and by the time Friday comes they’re all ready to get out of the house and go on a trip.


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