The Success Secret of Gregory Aziz

Everyone is in the rush of squeezing themselves in the 1% of the successful investors. This has proven difficult for many. This is because a plan is not good enough. Wanting to be successful is not enough to make you have it all as well. It is the commitment, the dedication, the sacrifice and the hard work that we put in that brings success. Not many individuals have been able to crack this. However, Greg Aziz is not among them. He is the chief executive officer of the National Steel Car.


Gregory Aziz has been working at the National Steel Car for more than two decades. This has been a fulfilling experience for everyone. That is; him, the employees, clients and the community around. This is as a result of his way of running the business. With the excellent leadership of Greg Aziz, the company has earned the TTX SECO award in a continuous row for consecutive ten years.


Greg J Aziz believes in teamwork. With a large number of employees, it is cooperation that makes the process efficient. This is the first lesson he taught his employees. This has been very productive. It was evidently proofed effective in 1999.The number of annual railcar production rose to 12000 from 3500. Refer to This Site.

This development was celebrated by everyone. For the community, these meant great infrastructure and improved social amenities. The employment slots also rose to 3500 from 500. Many residents are employed at the National Steel Car. Some are engineers, while others work as janitors. Other occupants who do not work at the National Steel Car are entrepreneurs. The job has opened multiple opportunities for the people. The many employees have expanded the market to the investors.


The community is also glad for the philanthropy work of Greg Aziz. He has donated to many charity organizations. The residents consider him the greatest investor in the area.


Gregory Aziz says that he owes the success of the firm to his employees. He explains that it is through the cooperation of the employees that the company can satisfy the market.


The other group that has contributed to the success of the company is the clients. Their feedback helps the company rate itself. They can, therefore, make changes based on the consumer’s comments. The customer is the priority of the company.


Besides George J Aziz being a successful businessman, he is also a family man. He has a wife by the name Irene. They have two children. During his free time, Greg Aziz takes his family out to catch up. One of their common hobby that they enjoy together is horse riding.

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