Waiakea Water May Have the Coolest Filtration Process Ever

Just a few decades ago the thought of a thriving bottled water industry seemed like nothing more than a lame joke. Not only is the industry thriving, it is one of the most profitable in the world. The industry is estimated to generate more than $100 billion globally. Nowadays it is nearly impossible to walk into any convenience store that it isn’t stocked with various brands of bottled water.

Back before the industry took off people had the right to be skeptical of its potential for success. People with access with clean running basically didn’t see a need to buy water in a bottle at the time. Why pay for something that you can get for free from the comfort of your home?

Because the industry has grown so large there means there is a lot of competition between brands. The competitive environment forces brands to come up with unique ideas and marketing strategies.

Hawaiian bottled water company Waiakea Water is no exception. It draws people in with its distinct filtration process. There are few brands, if any, that have a more unique filtering process. The Water is filtered by running through porous volcanic rock. This fact has earned the brand being nicknamed “volcanic water.”

Besides sounding extremely cool, there are many volcanic water benefits. For example, because the water is filtered through volcanic rock it is naturally alkaline and rich in minerals and electrolytes.

Waiakea Water also cares about the environment and proves it with action. Every year are oceans are polluted beyond belief with plastic water bottles. Waiakea aims to make this pollution issue a non-factor. It recently announced that it hopes to have the first fully bio-degradable water bottle by the end of 2018. In addition, every bottle of water created by Waiakea will be completely recyclable.


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