Waiakea Water on the Way to Leaving No Carbon Footprint

After a five year time span with over 1,200 experiments performed, Waiakea Water has found a way to seriously decrease their carbon footprint and be that much closer to being a 100% green company. Waiakea has teamed up with Manuel Rendon to create a new additive that can be put in the plastic mixture during the manufacturing process. “TimePlast” additive can reduce a plastic bottle’s complete breakdown from 1,500 years to 15 years. TimePlast will not change the appearance or strength of these plastic bottles. Waiakea Water has plans to unveil the new degradable bottles next year.

This new bottle is just the next step for Waiakea Water in their mission to become a 100% green manufacturing facility. Waiakea Water already holds a coveted “carbon neutral” certification, the first bottled beverage company to do so. Waiakea Water holds a 99 year lease on a well in the Mauna Loa region. The water naturally runs down the mountain, through layers of volcanic rock, purifying the water, making the water naturally perfect for drinking. Waiakea Water has a near perfect Ph level, with the right amount of silica, perfect for a smooth almost silky drinking experience. The well that supplies Waiakea Water has a 740 million per day production value. With the company only bottling about 1% of that number, Waiakea Water is a totally sustaining product.

Not only does Waiakea Water do everything to remove and reduce the carbon footprint they leave on the Earth, the company gives back to others. With every litter sold, Waiakea donates 650 liters to the charity Pump Aid, a charity that supplies water to rural African farmsteads in the form of fresh water and freshly dug wells for long term sustainability. Pump Aid and Waiakea are two examples of successful partnerships that can benefit the Earth’s population. Waiakea Water is a leader in reducing their carbon footprint and remaining a successful business.

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